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RICE3000 Real Time In-Circuit Emulator


RICE3000 is a cost effective and powerful tool designed to emulate all Microchip's PICmicro microcontrollers and shorten the development cycle of your PIC applications. It is a full-featured in-circuit emulator and comprises an emulator base and different emulation modules that support various members of the Microchip family.

The emulation probes use the special bondout chipset from Microchip Technology to allow full speed and real-time emulation. All the emulation modules that use the latest emulation chipsets are able to access both the PIC processor resource and the data bus paths during the execution.

RICE3000 real-time emulator offers versatile and powerful features that allow you to quickly debug your firmware code. It does so by using powerful real-time trace and/or setting break points on program or stepping through program execution, so you can examine each state of the program at any given spot. You can also monitor internal file registers, data bus activity and can measure timing between events.

RICE3000 runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP on Pentium or compatibles PC, including notebook and desktop computers.

Key Features

Real-time and full-speed emulation (Up to 40MHz).
Flash-based firmware for easy product updates.
Fast downloading and data retrieval during signle stepping.
2.7 volt to 5 volt emulation range.
Standard 64K-word installed program memory, expandable to 1M-word (2M-Byte).
32K by 64-bit real-time trace memory.
Built-in frequency synthesizer from 48.8KHz to 50MHz.
Selectable internal oscillator and external oscillator support.
12-clip external probe including an edge-triggered external break input, a break output, a trigger output, ground and 8 trace inputs.
Support watching floating points and complex variables such as structures and arrays on selective compilers.
Source level and symbolic debugging in assembly and high level languages.
Unlimited number of internal breakpoints within program memory.
Trigger output on any address range within program memory.
Versatile emulator controls including:
 - Go From Reset, Go, Run To Cursor, Single Step, ASM Instruction Step, Step Over Call, Return to Caller and Animation.
20-bit time stamp function with 4-bit prescaler resolution (0.125μs ~ 2μs).
Interrupt function will be supported in Single Step mode and Run mode.
Flash program memory and EEDATA erase/write function will be supported as full speed.
Support all common PIC 'C' and 'Basic' compilers, assemblers (Byte Craft, CCS, HI-TECH, IAR, Microchip, microEngineering, ...).


System Requirements Desktop or Notebook Computer
Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later, 2000 with SP4, ME, 98
One Available Parallel Port or USB 2.0 Port
20MB Free Space in the Hard Drive.
Power 9V DC, 500mA ~ 1000mA
USB Interface Universal Serial Bus 1.1/2.0 Compatible
Type B Female USB Connector
Software Application Free Software Upgradeable
Operation Temperature Room Temperature
Safety Regulation FCC Approved
Dimensions ( W × D × H ) 6.4 (W) × 5.2 (D) × 1.3 (H) inch


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